HORL: innovative knife sharpeners from the Black Forest

At the foot of the Black Forest you'll find HORL. The family business of father and son: Otmar and Timo Horl. Otmar's idea to create a rolling knife sharpener dates back to the nineties. Throughout the years he and his son Timo designed, updated and produced the knife sharpener.

The HORL knife sharpener: how it's made

Curious to learn more about how the HORL knife sharpeners are made? So were we! The nice people at HORL-1993 were kind enough to put an end to that curiosity. We were asked to come take a look at the production of the unique and popular HORL knife sharpeners.

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HORL Display walnut wood, STARSN-P
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HORL Premium Sharpening Set
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HORL Display oak wood, STARSE-P
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